The pick of the action...

Held across three cities, Dot To Dot is a vast, sprawling, ambitious affair.

One of the UK's biggest and big showcase events, it returned this year to venues across Bristol, Nottingham and Manchester. Headline act Pulled Apart By Horses were typically full of energy, with the post-hardcore nutjobs putting their blood, sweat and tears into each performance.

ClashMusic was on hand to jot down notes - check out our exhaustive coverage HERE, HERE... and HERE.

Pulled Apart By Horses' Lee Vincent traipsed from venue to venue between sets, catching some of the best music the weekend had to offer. Here are his picks:

- - -

Wavves - I'd never really listened to Wavves before seeing them this weekend and they blew me away. They just have some great tunes and a great sound, it reminds me of 90's alternative, slacker type stuff.

Grey Hairs - Grey Hairs were the surprise find of the weekend for me. I presume they're from Manchester? Anyway, it was good and dirty. Reminded me of Jesus Lizard, and the guitarist had a touch of the Greg Ginn about him too.

Pure Love - I, along with most other people I guess, had only heard that one song before this weekend and the verdict was still out for me. But it seems they've hit the ground running, great rock tunes and a great live show. Frank still has some excellently arrogant banter too!

Turbowolf - These boys just keep getting better and better. Pure 70's rock showmanship and an almost psychedelic edge. And riffs. Turbowolf have riffs for weeks!

2:54 - I actually missed them on the 2 days we played with them. So i'll just say that I love their album and you should buy it.

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