A low-slung and experimental affair
ClashMusic DJ Mix Podcast - Daniel Avery

The phrase ‘hotly tipped’ gets chucked around a lot, but in the case of this week’s mix artist – Daniel Avery – it’s actually justified.

Formerly making music under his Stopmakingme moniker, Avery now produces under his own name, but still laying down the kind of progressive, edgy techno that caused Stopmakingme to stand out above the crowd, grabbing the attention of – amongst others – one Andrew Weatherall, who sung Avery’s praises as a one to watch.

And if more proof were needed that he’s doing something right, well, Erol Alkan’s just signed him to his Phantasy label.

Avery’s mix is a low-slung and experimental affair, pitched somewhere between underground club sounds and beat-led electronica, with a few upfront and hectic moments, most of which have a delightful acidic tinge. Aphex’s acid edit of ‘Windowlicker’, for example, makes an early appearance, just after Avery’s own deep and bassy ‘Light Into Dark’.

Other artists featured in Avery’s 60 minutes of excellence include Keith Tenniswood’s Radioactive Man, Duke Dumont, and Disco Bloodbath’s Damon Martin.

Hotly tipped, up-and-coming, rising talent – call it what you want, but Avery is on fire right now, and this mix shows exactly why.

Read our interview with Daniel Avery HERE.

Daniel’s ‘Movement’ EP is out now on Throne Of Blood, and the ‘Need Electric’ EP (Phantasy) and ‘Nylon Icon’ (with The Deadstock, released on Gomma) will be released later in June. The launch party for ‘Need Electric’ will take place at Fabric on June 22, as part of a Phantasy night. Visit www.danielavery.co.uk for more details.

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Daniel Avery Mix Tracklist

1. Daniel Avery - Light Into Dark [Throne Of Blood]
2. Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (Acid Edit) [Warp]
3. Duke Dumont - Street Walker [Turbo]
4. Daniel Avery - Taste [Phantasy]
5. Hounds Of Hate - Purple Stuff (Photonz Remix) [How The Other Half
6. Special Request - Lolita (Warehouse Mix) [White]
7. Headman - Be Loved (Daniel Avery's 'Divided Love' Vox) [Relish]
8. Crackboy - The Devil Blues [Tigersushi]
9. Radioactive Man - Wreckorder [Wang]
10. Matt Walsh & Zhao - Venom [Kill The DJ]
11. Jack Curtu - Dramma [Lux Rec]
12. Daniel Avery - Movement [Throne Of Blood]
13. Damon Martin - That Ain't Right (Legendary Children Remix) [Disco
14. Catalepsia - Conducting The Band (Scott Fraser's Return To Andromeda
Remix) [Days Of Being Wild]
15. Daniel Avery - Need Electric (Locked Groove) [Phantasy]
16. King Felix - SPRING 02 [Liberation Technologies]

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