Bulgarian event returns...

It's fair to say that you would need to search far and wide to find a festival setting more beautiful than Meadows In The Mountains.

Hidden away in the Bulgarian heights, the festival is crouched in a superb natural amphitheatre. Located close to the Greek border, that famed Mediterranean sunshine isn't too far away either...

Running between June 8th - 10th, Meadows In The Mountains boasts an intriguing cross section of cutting edge dance music.

Here are some special Festival Highs / Festival Lows from those involved.

- - -

Crazy P (Danielle Moore)
At The Big Chill Festival in 2000 we were heading back to our tents on the last night and sad to see there was nowhere else to carry on the party. Some of our friends had retired early after partying very hard all weekend but we wanted more! Half way home we noticed a shower of stars fall out the sky-we think this was real...but also that the music was getting louder. There were about 50 people gathered round our tents and a maroon transit van...??? We got back to the tents and someone had set up decks and a soundsystem out the back of a van and were playing the most amazing soul and disco ever!

We were well happy but some of our mates werent so. It went on til we'd all had enough...and then we went home. I can honestly say we havent had any festival lows-even when its been bad its been good. Except when I was shall we say "partied up" and ate someones leftover rice off the floor. Seemed like a highly intellectual idea at the time until the next day when I woke up with gastroenteritus and literally spent 5 days in the bathroom. I also once saw a loved up couple at Glasonbury drag each other to the floor in a huge puddle-well the whole of Glastonbury was a huge puddle-roll around with people cheering and laughing as they got more caked in mud and waste... happy as pigs in shit and high as kites... until they realised all their worldly belongings were lost in the deep brown slugde of the earth. Panic set in as they frisked themselves and each other and the applauding crowd dispersed. Still, they had each other.

Mirko Hector
Love Parade 1989: Around 90 people from Berlin, Munich and Hamburg carried there by rental busses standing in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Berlin… not knowing what to do… that was pretty poor… two years later on it was half a million… never went to Ibiza during the 90s… simply did not care about the mass hype… House, Garage, Disco & Techno was always something intimate in a small club for me.

Kazim Kazim
There really are just to many, every festival experience is packed with highs. If I had to choose one, I would say playing at Glastonbury a coupe of years ago was pretty special. Or in fact, one festival last year in Croatia, me and 10 mates tried to find an afterparty, on the way though, we ended up getting lost in a forest, in the pitch black - for over 6 hours. We literally became primal, and it was survival of the fittest. Some even slept in the forest until it was light. At the least, we all left battered and bruised. But it was quite possibly one of the funniest experiences of my entire life.

Bruno Schmidt
High - Taking my first E at SGP 2006 and running down the hill on the mainstage into the crowd.
Low - Being caught shagging my ex in a bush a couple of yeras ago. She was fully dressed like a leopard.

Rob Bradley
High – Seeing Bjork sing her heart out on ‘The Other Stage’ at Glastonbury in 2007. Truly spine-tingling.
Low – Decided to go to Sonar and Glastonbury B2B and realising halfway through Glastonbury that no sane human would do this if indulged in the proper manner that befits the occasions i.e. While Iggy Pop was rocking out I was in my tent shaking just about hearing how amazing it was.

- - -

Meadows In The Mountains runs between June 8th - 10th.

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