Not just any indie pop band...

People are moshing - actually fucking moshing - at an indie pop gig.

Not just any indie pop band, either. Released back in 2010, Beach Fossils’ debut album delighted those-in-the-know but sometimes it seemed that those who knew were rather few and far between. Announcing one UK show as part of a wider European show, the solitary, singular nature of the event seems to have brought this loose knit, disparate tribe together.

Crowded into Water Rats on what is undoubtedly the hottest day of the year (thus far, at least) sweat seems to bead the air. Emerging onstage to no small degree of anticipation, Beach Fossils are forced to face up to 18 months of slow burn success.

Initially, they seem like any other ambling, smouldering indie pop group. Suddenly, though, the entire show clicks into gear. Almost as one, everyone in the room realises that everyone here knows every word to every song. After that, a party atmosphere ensures – the band throw themselves around onstage, before Dustin Payseur crowds from one side of the venue to another.

Clearly loving every second, Beach Fossils must be kicking themselves for not turning their debut album into a double. ‘Daydream’ turns into a mass singalong while ‘Sometimes’ finds Zachary Cole Smith take to the mic.

Left open mouthed, peering at one another it takes Dustin Payseur to state the obvious: “well, I guess we should play here more often”.

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