There are a helluva lot of people here...

There are a helluva lot of people here.

All different kinds, too: old skool rave types, couples on a date, school kids, the curious middle aged and a few impossible to categorise. T-E-E-D suddenly appears to be big news and the pressure, it seems, is on.

Choosing to launch his debut album in KOKO is a strange, bewildering and downright brave move from Orlando Higginbottom. Shuffling onstage though, he appears to be the same shy, self-effacing Oxford kid who first introduced himself with those Greco-Roman EPs.

Expanding in scale, the essential style of a T-E-E-D live show remains the same. Clad in his dinosaur hat, the producer is surrounded by all manners of synths, keyboards, laptops and other bleeping contraptions. Opening up with a run of tracks from debut album ‘Trouble’, T-E-E-D’s music seems to adapt naturally to a larger venue. Lights fan around the hall, with ‘Tapes & Money’ shuddering into life as the dino-dancers gyrate in front of the producer.

It’s the older tracks which really bring a smile to your face, though. The familiar Gaelic samples on ‘Waulking Song’ ring out, with T-E-E-D twisting, contorting the melody lines – still fresh after all this time.

Broadcast around the world via Deezer, the sell out show is a massive step up for the young producer. Yet T-E-E-D still has his old endearing charm: at one point the sound stutters to a halt, with the producer offering a half-shrugged explanation. “Oh well you knew there’d be one fuck up...”

We did. And we love him for it.

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