It's hot

It’s hot. Damn hot.

We’ve been coaxed down to a basement bar in central London, fans lining up through the stairwell, out beyond the door and into the street. Pushing our way down to the stage, we hit a brick wall of backs, limbs and other body parts. And like I said: it’s hot.

BIGkids take pop music seriously, but not themselves. Onstage, the band are all burger king hats and giggles, throwing out dance moves like ADHD children. They’re easy to dismiss but difficult to ignore.

Seizing upon elements of hip hop, 80s synth pop and more BIGkids have a magpie approach to songwriting. Like a streamlined version of The Go! Team, the group pile era upon decade of pop output without a care in the world for any sense of lineage or reverence. It’s sacrilegious, but all the better for it.

With their tongue placed permanently in cheek, BIGkids can give off the impression of being knockabout, of being a hobby rather than anything to be taken seriously. But that’s an impression which can changed – what really matters, in the most direct sense, are the songs and BIGkids have those in abundance.

But like I said: it’s hot.

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