HudMo, Cabaret Voltaire and Philip Larkin?

Ever yearned to see Philip Larkin rubbing shoulders with HudMo and Cabaret Voltaire? Lord knows we have, and now you can, in a sense, via this week’s ClashMusic mix from Ninja Tune progressives, Grasscut.

It’s a bold move, but perhaps not an entirely leftfield one when you consider that the duo (Andrew Phillips and Marcus O’Dair) released their debut album, ‘1 Inch: ½ Mile’, with a map depicting a walk around a deserted Sussex village, Balsdean, along with sonic clues leading to a hidden artefact.

As you’d expect from a duo as experimental as this one – whose own sound is a beautiful curveball of forward-thinking, instrumental-heavy electronica, set against stirring musical passages and haunting vocal sections – their mix is a madly creative weave of melodic electronica and deviant rock (from the likes of Joy Division and Ninja labelmates Yppah), peppered with classical influences like Steve Reich and Vaughn Williams, as well as the lovely sounds of Oddfellows Casino.

It’s a melting pot of styles, but one which holds together perfectly thanks to Phillips and O’Dair’s upfront musicality.

Grasscut’s single, ‘Pieces’, is released on 4 June, with their second album, ‘Unearth’ following on 16 July, both on Ninja Tune.

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Grasscut tracklist

1. Pandaharmonium - Penguin Cafe Orchestra
2. Whitsun Weddings - Philip Larkin
3. Music For 18 Musicians - Steve Reich
4. From Towns & Fields - Grasscut
5. Now Sleeps The Crimson Petal - Kathleen Ferrier
6. Omladina - Francis Chagrin
7. Heart & Soul - Joy Division
8. Reservoir - Grasscut
9. Never Mess With Sunday - Yppah
10. Changelings - Gazelle Twin
11. Forest Crunk - Aesop's Rock
12. Final Day - Young Marble Giants
13. Sketch For A Summer - Durutti Column
14. We Fold Ourselves - Grasscut
15. Velvet Peel - Hudson Mohawke
16. Silent Command - Cabaret Voltaire
17. Blink In The Night - Grasscut
18. Satchelaise - Mice Parade
19. Winter In A Strange Town - Oddfellows Casino
20. Black Blood - Dogtanion
21. Lights (M25 version) - Grasscut
22. Spurn Point - Vaughan Williams
23. Cut Grass - Grasscut

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