‘Spirit In The Room’ due on May 21st

Tom Jones is set to release his new Ethan Johns produced album ‘Spirit In The Room’ on May 21st.

The reinvention of Tom Jones continues. Now a guest host on 'The Voice' the Welsh icon has reached a prominence he has not enjoyed in some time.

Alongside this, though, Tom Jones has been tossing away some of the more cliched aspects of his output. 2010's 'Praise and Blame' found the singer re-visiting the gospel and R&B influences of his youth, with producer Ethan Johns adding a raw, visceral sound.

Now the singer has completed a follow up. 'Spirit In The Room' looks to be in a similar vein, finding Tom Jones tackling a mixture of traditional material and songs completed by legendary artists.

Material from Richard Thompson, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon and Paul McCartney is re-worked, with Tom Jones assisted by Ethan Johns throughout.

The band contains some unexpected faces, however, with Jones joined by Richard Causon on vintage keyboards, piano, guitars, Warpaint’s Stella Mozgawa on drums, and Ian Jennings and Sam Dixon on bass.

Opening with a version of Leonard Cohen's classic 'Tower Of Song' the album finishes with a new reading of 'Charlie Darwin' by the Low Anthem.

In addition to the already announced tracks, an expanded version of 'Spirit In The Room' will contain versions of ‘Just Dropped in’, ‘Lone Pilgrim’ and ‘When The Deal Goes Down’.

Tom Jones will release 'Spirit In The Room' on May 21st. Tracklisting:

1. Tower Of Song (L. Cohen)
2. (I Want To) Come Home (P.McCartney)
3. Hit Or Miss (Odetta)
4. Love And Blessings (P. Simon)
5. Soul Of A Man (Blind Willie Johnson)
6. Bad As Me (T.Waits)
7. Dimming Of The Day (R.Thompson)
8. Travelling Shoes (V. Hall Ward)
9. All Blues Hail Mary (J. Henry)
10. Charlie Darwin (Low Anthem)

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