Surprise, surprise...

Dubstep producer Zomby has failed to show up for his set at All Tomorrow's Parties.

Handing the reins over to Animal Collective, All Tomorrows Parties were rewarded with a disparate bill. Mixing dub reggae icons with underground electronic producers, the bill was a rich and talented list of new talent.

However one name stood out: Zomby. The dubstep producer has been frequently name checked as an influence by Animal Collective, with Panda Bear even going as far as collaborating with the beatsmith.

Named on the line up, many fans initially voiced their doubts over whether the producer would even turn up. Known through bass circles for his frequent no shows, stories about Zomby are legendary.

However, this is ATP isn't it? One of the country's most respected festivals, surely Zomby will show up for Minehead? A Tweet last night from festival organisers confirmed those initial fears: "Unfortunately Zomby has not arrived on site for his set - our apologies for the disappointment."

So that's that... Zomby has been busy of late. Snapped up by 4AD, the producer has completed work on his new album 'Dedication'. The follow up to 2008's jungle heavy 'Where Were You In '92?' his new sound is far more down tempo, emotive and ethereal with the producer commenting: "This record is a dedication to someone much loved and missed."

Recent track 'Natalia's Song' caught fans off guard. A wonderfully deep slice of bass production, Zomby seemed to capture something uniquely affecting - moving on without losing sight of his identity.

Out now as a limited - one sided - ten inch, the track also appears on 'Dedication'. So expect some fantastic music, if not a fantastic live show...

Or in some cases, don't expect a live show at all.

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