Lennon's facing legal action

A legal team working on behalf of Yoko Ono are attempting to tackle a pub in Dundee.

More than 30 years on from his death, John Lennon remains an icon. Immortalised the world over, his legacy can be felt throughout the music industry. However this legacy is tightly policed - Yoko Ono employs a legal team who are renowned for being strict on any perceived infringement.

Named in honour of the former Beatle, Dundee pub Lennon's now faces a battle to stay open. The establishment is a tribute of sorts to the singer and is decorated in memorabilia celebrating his life and career.

However owner Mike Craig recently received a cease and desist letter indicating that the name and all memorabilia would have to be altered. Yoko Ono's legal team are demanding that the changes be implemented within 14 days, leaving the lease holder little time to bring the pub in line with requirements.

"It’s ridiculous" he told the Evening Telegraph. "The pub’s been called Lennon’s for about five years, but the signs will be removed this week."

ClashMusic can't help but wonder what Jimmy Shand's high powered legal team will do to a certain pub in Menzieshill.

This is by no means the first time Yoko Ono has tackled copyright infringement. Perhaps the most notorious case involving the late singer's legacy involves Lennon Murphy. The relatively unknown performer was attempting to use the name Lennon as his stage name, but according to reports Yoko Ono stepped in to put a stop to this.

Later, the Japanese artist clarified that she had not sued the singer - she merely stepped in after Murphy applied to the US trademark office for exclusive rights to the name Lennon for musical performances.

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