Jane Goldmen to Pen Latest Marvel Offering
Screenwriter Jane Goldman

It’s unlike Jonathan Ross to get carried away with childish enthusiasm and blurt out things perhaps he shouldn’t…well okay it is and he’s been at it again on his Twitter page stating that flame haired screenwriter wife Jane Goldman is off co-writing the latest in the line of X Men films, ‘First Class’.

‘First Class’ is a genesis story/prequel focusing on the establishment of The School For Gifted Youngsters and expanding on the complex relationship between Xavier and Magneto.

It may not come as too much of a shock to film fans since Mathew Vaughn was announced to be directing the latest mutant offering just last week. They’ve previously worked together on supernatural fantasy ‘Stardust’ and the quite unexpectedly massive superhero flick ‘Kick Ass’. Here’s hoping she adds her own brand of magic to the latest in the big screen Marvel franchise.

X Men: First Class is due for a summer 2011 release.

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