Rapper to address Ivy League campus

Wu Tang Clan rapper GZA has been invited to talk to students at Harvard University.

Hip hop has come a long way. Once, graffiti was a loathed acts of civil disobedience and rap music couldn't get played on the radio. Now, though, graffers are given pride of place in art galleries and academic tomes are written about the significance of Chuck D couplets.

Wu Tang Clan erupted out of Staten Island in the mid 90s, and the crew's mixture of street knowledge and Far Eastern mythology made them immediate touchstones. In light of his achievements, crew member GZA has been invited to talk to students at Harvard University.

The Ivy League establishment is one of the primary centres for learning in the United States. Multiple Presidents were taught there, including Barack Obama who became the first African American to edit the Harvard Law Review.

Following in his footsteps, GZA is set to address Harvard's Black Men's Forum on December 1st. Rolling Stone reports that the rapper is set to discuss his time in Wu Tang Clan, rap music and the inspiration for his rhymes.

The appearance is part of a number of educational visits the rapper has planned. According to Rolling Stone, GZA is also set to visit the revered MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and the Broad Institute in Boston to seek out inspiration for his new album.

GZA last released an album in 2008, with the somewhat patchy set 'Pro Tools'. Previously, the rapper claimed that he would release a new LP titled 'Liquid Swords 2: The Return Of The Shadowboxer' in 2012, but following this the hip hop icon made an about-turn and revealed that the album had been shelved.

Bizarrely, this isn't the only unexpected visit Harvard can expect before the end of the year. Lady Gaga is also set to talk to students, in order to launch the anti-bullying campaign 'Born This Way Foundation'.

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