Surely Some Mistake?
Claudia Winkleman - Host of Film 2010

In a controversial announcement today the BBC have confirmed that Claudia Winkleman is set to replace Jonathon Ross as the host of Film 2010. The format of the show is also to be revamped, moving away from what’s seen as an old fashioned talking head format into a more magazine like show, featuring many more studio guests and industry professionals.

There was much speculation that Mark Kermode, film critic for the Observer and The Culture Show would take over the reigns. However, by his own admission he agreed that his views might be too extreme or not Hollywood friendly enough to warrant such an appointment. Agreed, Kermode is perhaps a touch too high brow or opinionated to take over the chair from Wossy. But Winkleman…give me strength!

Claudia seems like a nice enough gal but her last gig was presenting a Strictly Come Dancing spin off after all. One can scarcely imagine her referencing Eisenstein or the back catalogue of Buñuel. Whilst it’s definitely a populist show, what has always made the programme so watchable is that it is pitched still to people who are knowledgeable about film, including world cinema and animation.

She may host as ‘arts show’ on BBC 2 but if her newspaper columns or coverage of this years Oscars were anything to go by, the new format show will have been dumbed down in extremis. She’s forever flicking her hair in the most annoying faux coy way imaginable. And funnily enough, she’s married to Kris Thykier, who is currently forging his way as a producer in the British film industry. Hmmm, do we detect a touch of nepotism perhaps, seeing as he’s recently been working with Jonathon Ross’s wife?

We shall just have to wait and see. The new show will be aired on the BBC from September 2010.


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