With Orange's Spot The Bull Competition
Orange's Spot The Bull Competition

Orange have unveiled a spectacular new competition to win tickets to this year's Glastonbury festival. Titled 'Spot The Bull' all fans have to do is, well, spot the bull.

Desmond The Bull will be placed somewhere in the fields of Worthy Farm, and fans must guess where he has been delivered to. Twenty two pairs of tickets to the sold out event are available, and with a mouth watering bill this could be the best chance you get of claiming a ticket.

To enter the competition, simply head HERE and guess where Desmond The Bull has gone to. It really is that simple!

For hints and suggestions, check out Desmond The Bull's Twitter feed HERE. The competition runs between May 26th - June 12th.

If you're lucky enough to win tickets, Orange will also be looking after your well being once you arrive onsite at Glastonbury.

After a few too many you stumble towards an acoustic tent and become entranced by the Ukranian folk-jazz musicians you have discovered. Reaching for your mobile to text some friends you realise to your horror that the phone has run out of power. Stumbling back towards the camp site, you become hopelessly lost and wake up two days later in a portaloo.

Sound familiar? Well fear not festival fan, as Orange are here to help you. Launching an exciting new invention at this summer's Glastonbury, the firm are set to unveil a pedal powered phone charger.

Created by GotWind, the renewable energy experts have really outdone themselves this time. The device harnesses kinetic energy from an air bed foot pump, a standard piece of camping equipment, which in turn drives a turbine within the Power Pump.

All told, the new Orange Power Pump is no bigger than a packet of wet wipes and can easily fit into your bag. Returning to Glastonbury with yet another unique invention, Orange will be hosting the Chill ‘n’ Charge tent, providing 600 mobile phone charging points, free internet access and live music.

To recap - this year's Glastonbury will boast performances from Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young, Franz Ferdinand, Doves, Maximo Park and many more between June 25th - 28th.

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