Artist to set up own label...
Willis Earl Beal

At one point homeless, the rise of Willis Earl Beal has been both heartening and challenging.

Releasing two albums via XL Recordings offshoot Hot Charity, the singer has now confirmed his decision to exit the label set up.

Speaking to Under The Radar, Willis Earl Beal named a host of difficulties with XL now agreeing to aid the singer as he launches his own imprint CD Baby.

"I haven't had autonomy with when I want to release music," explains Beal. "Rappers, they do mixtapes and all sorts of things. I had a very simplistic outlook as to what I could and couldn't do from the beginning and what all this would mean."

Admitting that his own behaviour contributed to the unravelling of the relationship, Willis Earl Beal said: "I've made myself look like a drunken, difficult asshole over the past three years, and for a little while that was true".

Willis Earl Beal is set to self-release new album 'Experiments In Time' later this summer.

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