It's called 'A Place That Doesn't Exist'
Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal doesn't like to let people down.

In interviews, the songwriter can be withdrawn, shy yet also caring. As a performer, Beal is an artist who seems concerned about every note, desperate for the audience to connect with his material.

So when a full European tour was cancelled recently, Willis Earl Beal felt compelled to do something. Gathering some fresh material, the singer has shared a new eight track EP called 'A Place That Doesn't Exist'.

The results are quite striking. Opening cut 'Times Of Gold' harks back to his boombox recordings, while 'Bright Cooper Noon' is a surreal lullaby with Willis Earl Beal overlaying his vocals to create a lush, choral effect.

Surprisingly wide-ranging for such a compact document, you can listen to 'A Place That Doesn't Exist' below, then check out a note from Willis Earl Beal after the jump.

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