'Nobody Knows' due for release on September 9th
Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal is set to release his new album 'Nobody Knows' on September 9th.

When is a debut album not a debut album? When Willis Earl Beal is concerned... Last year's release 'Acousmatic Scorcery' was the singer's first full length, a compilation of sorts containing material recorded on the slightest of equipment.

Now, though, Willis Earl Beal is preparing a new album - which, if the mood takes him, he refers to as his actual debut.

'Nobody Knows' was self-produced, and seemingly found Willis Earl Beal working "everywhere and nowhere". An always contradictory character, the songwriter recently mused: "I want to be a shadow, not the man casting it. That's who 'Nobody' is."

The tracklisting has been announced, with Chan Marshall making a tempting guest appearance.

1. Wavering Lines
2. Coming Through (featuring Chan Marshall)
3. Everything unwinds.
4. Burning Bridges
5. Disintegrating
6. Too Dry Too Cry
7. What's the deal?
8. Ain't Got No Love
9. White Noise
10. Hole In The Roof
11. Blue Escape
12. Nobody knows.
13. The Flow

Listen to new track 'Everything unwinds.' below.

'Nobody Knows' is set to be released on September 9th.


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