Oh yes.

Will Smith is reportedly set to begin work on a new album with producer La Mar 'Mars' Edwards later this year.

Now a globally recognised actor, Will Smith began life as a rapper. Hooking up with DJ Jazzy Jeff, the duo produced five albums with varying degrees of success. A respected producer in his own right, DJ Jazzy Jeff supplied some credible beats while Will Smiths' rhymes...

Never held him back. Going solo with 'Big Willie Style' the rapper enjoyed incredible success. Spawning a series of hit singles, the album went double platinum in the UK and nine times platinum in the United States.

Later focussing on his acting career, 2005's 'Lost and Found' was rather swept under the carpet. Now though, the Fresh Prince is back with producer La Mar 'Mars' Edwards set to helm a new album.

During an interview with XXL the producer stopped to take a call - from none other than Will Smith. "We're working on Will Smith, bringing him back," the producer said.

Listing some of the projects he is working on, Edwards name-checked heavyweights such as Snoop Dogg, The Game and Wiz Khalifa. Stopping the answer the phone, the producer said: "That's actually (Will) on the other line right now".

Much maligned - perhaps due to his massive commercial success - Will Smith's rap career does nonetheless boast a few bona fide gems. Sampling Kool & The Gang 'Summertime' remains a perennial summer classic.

With rain tumbling down outside Clash-Scotland perhaps it's time for a recap...

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