Canadian tour recorded

The White Stripes are due to release a new documentary which records an intimate portrait of the band's 2007 tour of Canada.

The butt of jokes in their native United States, The White Stripes seem to have taken Canada to their heart. In 2007 the band vowed to tour every province and territory in the country, travelling the lengthy and breadth of the country.

Perhaps it's the red and white in the nation's flag, or perhaps it's because the Canadian border sits across the river from Detroit. Whatever, The White Stripes succeeded in their bizarre tour, finishing with a historic, one second long, concert in Newfoundland.

Taking a camera crew along with them, the band are now set to re-visit that tour with a brand new film. Playing the likes of a fishing boat, a bus, a park and a warehouse the band eschewed usual concert halls - making this a bizarre glimpse of a hugely influential band.

Jack White is currently aiming to complete a massive array of projects, but the guitarist is due to take time in order to finish the new film. The CBC reports that the forthcoming film will take in the Canadian tour, with Jack White telling the press:

"When we started, we just didn't know what we were doing, so we just (said): 'Film everything, see what happens' ... I don't think we would wanna film ourselves like this. I'm pretty anti-reality television and all that ridiculous peeking behind the curtain sort of aspect of entertainment these days."

"But in this case, I don't think it really has that ridiculousness to it. It does have an insight into some of the things that got created and how we went about making a tour like that happen."

Reminiscing about the tour, White confirmed that the unusual venues were entirely impromptu. "We'd make up an idea at breakfast of where we'd play that day, whether it was on a boat, bus, school or city park, then we'd make it happen ... We didn't pre-plan it. I don't like to do that too much, because I think it ruins things."

Elsewhere on the Jack White schedule - a guest appearance on a rockabilly single, the Dead Weather album and some recording sessions with The White Stripes.

The Detroit duo have not released a new album since 2007's 'Icky Thump', with Jack White releasing a new album with The Raconteurs and recording with new group The Dead Weather in the meantime.

Drummer Meg White, meanwhile, has been silent. After suffering from exhaustion in 2007 the musician took a break from music, and recently married long term partner Jack Smith.

The Dead Weather are due to release their new album 'Horehound' on July 13th.

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