"They think of themselves as a voice of authority"

The Westboro Baptist Church have expanded on the reasons behind a recent decision to picket Radiohead.

Radiohead are a band who have touched countless lives around the globe, with the band's ethical stance helping to promote liberal ideals. Which is perhaps why the Westboro Baptist Church singled them out recently.

Deciding to picket a performance by the group, the American organisation made their feelings known. To the general bemusement of everyone around Radiohead -especially Nigel Godrich - the Westboro Baptist Church launched a protest as the Oxford giants performed a show in Kansas City.

VICE tracked down Westboro Baptist Church member Steve Drain for a few thoughts on the protest.

"It’s not that there is a problem with Radiohead that doesn’t exist with other groups. Radiohead just puts themselves out there as a “thinky,” deep band" he said.

Continuing, the church member said: "In an offhand manner they kind of reject every standard of God as being archaic and not worthy of moral consideration. Some bands are good time bands—Radiohead isn’t that. They teach the youth of America that the standards of God don't mean anything and that they are free to oppose them."

Somehow undermining his own argument with every statement, Drain also commented: "So God says it’s not OK to be gay. Radiohead says it’s OK to be gay. God says no divorce, no re-marriage. But Radiohead won't preach that truth. God Almighty says thou shall not kill. But where’s Radiohead in all this? They think of themselves as a voice of authority for the youth of America, but where are they on these issues?"

Where indeed, eh?

Elsewhere in the interview, Steve Drain pronounced himself to be a music fan. "At some level you have to be able to separate the art from the artist. Everybody’s got to do that. We’re music lovers at the church. I listen to Radiohead, Audioslave, Band of Skulls. I listen to lots of good stuff."

Wait, he listens to Radiohead?

"I started listening to Radiohead before OK Computer, but I'm an album guy. I like it when a band links things together. And I think OK Computer was one of those records."

Read the full interview HERE.

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