Disaffected fan launches new campaign

A disaffected fan of Weezer is attempting to pay the band $10 million to split up.

The continuing success of Weezer continues to split fans. To some, the band's output is a source of charm, mirth and melody. To others, the band will never surpass the artistic heights of 'Pinkerton'.

Released in 1995, the album has become something of a weight around the band's neck. Full to the brim of self-loathing, Weezer have since gone in something of a more light hearted direction.

Currently celebrating the release of a new album, a disaffected fan has begged them to stop. Operating in the United States, James Burns has launched a new internet campaign to raise $10 million in payment for the band to split.

Based in Seattle, Burns is attempting to organise an army of fans sick to death of sub-standard releases. C'mon - 'Hurley' isn't that bad! It's even got a few tracks which rival their 90s output, alongside some less memorable material.

The band's first release on an independent label in some time, 'Hurley' has been handled by Epitaph.

Using the fundraising site The Point, Weezer can rest easy right now with James Burns closer to nought than $10 million. In his pitch the fundraiser explains: "I think that they are pretty much horrible, and always have been. Even in the early '90s."

Continuing, James Burns explains that he has launched the campaign on behalf of Weezer fans everywhere who suffer with sub-standard new releases. "This is an abusive relationship, and it needs to stop now."

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Weezer have yet to comment.


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