New clip emerges...

tUnE-yArDs have unveiled an adorable video to accompany her track 'My Country'.

More than a year on from the release of 'w h o k i l l', tUnE-yArDs continue to unveil new videos. Thankfully, though, each one seems to add a little more to the picture, allowing us to interpret their music in new ways.

Take 'My Country'. Already a stand out on the recent LP, tUnE-yArDs recently shot a clip to accompany the track.

Featuring a plethora of adorable kids, the video is seemingly designed to raise funds for an unusual school project. Students from Brightworks and the San Francisco Rock Project, a non-profit music school, the video highlights a new Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for both schemes.

From the Kickstarter page: "SF Rock Project would like to start a "lending library" of instruments to offer students. If our Kickstarter campaign succeeds, they will be able to reach even more young people with their unique form of music education. The school will use the funds to purchase guitars, bass guitars, ukuleles, percussion instruments, a keyboard, and more to be used in the SF Rock Project LIVE SHOW this summer, which will be a celebration of this campaign!"

To find out more - and of course donate - click HERE.

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