New animation emerges

The Beatles are the latest group to take part in the ongoing Why Music Matters campaign.

Launched last year, Why Music Matters aimed to prove to fans that their record collections still had an innate worth. Aiming to re-open discussion about how music was released and where fans obtained it, the campaign wanted to provide an ethical dimension to the music industry in the 21st century.

Finding support from all four major labels, Why Music Matters also won acclaim from artists. Launching a series of animated short films, the campaign has found support from Cee-Lo Green, Elbow and more.

The short films are building up, with the catalogue containing everyone from Blind Willie Johnson to The Jam to Nick Cave and Sigur Ros.

Now The Beatles have shown their support. The legendary Scousers have got behind the campaign, with the band providing permission for an inventive new animation using their acclaimed music.

The film was animated and directed by Lee Gingold, and follows a central character - ow he grew up listening to their music and how it has marked the various milestones in his life, the trials and tribulations, the passion, the story behind the music.

Watch the new animated short below...

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For more information on Why Music Matters click HERE.

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