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Shabazz Palaces have crafted a new video using clips from through their debut album 'Black Up'.

Founded by former Digable Planets rapper Ishmael “Butterfly” Butler, Shabazz Palaces released one of the year's most remarkable debut albums. A collision of mind expanding beats and poetic lyrics, the project was held together by Butler's remarkable flow.

A loose knit collective, Shabazz Palaces are set to pepper those pesky 'End Of Year' polls so beloved of critics. Ending 2011 in style, the Seattle outfit have crafted a new video using scraps from throughout their debut album.

Director Kahil Joseph took control, crafting visuals to explore the recording / performance, urban / nature dichotomies which run through Shabazz Palaces.

Watch the video below...

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ClashMusic tracked down Shabazz Palaces earlier this year. In an interview with Clash writer Sam Ballard, Ishmael Butler explained why the collective prefers not to give individual recognition on their record sleeves.

"The credit lies in the artefact. We know who did it - in terms of compensating people, of course we take care of that – it’s cool if you want to focus on these personalities and their back-stories but we feel that the most important thing to focus on is the outcome. Anything apart from that is a mute point. In this day and age a lot of stuff will get by because of what may, or may not, be in the credits."

"In some senses I understand that because people have made a name for themselves and they’ve earned it, but in other ways it takes away from the experience of forming your own opinions and feelings based on as little free information as possible. That way you are more involved in the way you end up feeling. So much can come with these personalities, it can colour the way you feel way before you hear one second of the music. People mistake it for pretence or aloofness but that’s not the case. It’s a much more human and humble way to approach it."

Read the full interview HERE.

'Black Up' is out now.

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