Featuring Boys Noize and Azealia Banks

Scissor Sisters have unveiled the video for new track 'Shady Love' - featuring Boys Noize and Azealia Banks.

'Pop' is a helluva broad term. When they first emerged, Scissor Sisters had the same carefree, camp charm which rippled through ABBA and Erasure. Now though, the band seem willing to take more and more chances.

The band's fourth album is set to be released later this year, with the LP approaching the finishing stages. Hooking up with numerous guests, new cut 'Shady Love' was written by Alex Ridha (Boys Noize) and Azealia Banks.

Available to download from February 12th, 'Shady Love' apparently sits neatly between albums. Babydaddy had the following to say:

"It's a song we had fun making so while it wasn't necessarily true to the direction of the album or what most people might think of as Scissors, we thought it would be good to just get out there in between albums".

Watch the Hiro Murai directed video below...

- - -

Scissor Sisters are currently on tour in Australia and Asia. Watch out for their fourth album later this year.

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