Watch: Radiohead Live At Roseland Ballroom

Produced by fans...

A professional quality, fan made video of Radiohead performing at the Roseland Ballroom has emerged online.

To fans, each Radiohead concert is a deeply special event. Live, the bond between band and audience is evident, with the Oxford group building a fan base which is both completely devoted and highly tech oriented. Both attributes which are evident in a newly uploaded concert film.

Radiohead played New York's Roseland Ballroom earlier this year, and a group of fans have gathered footage from the event into a lengthy concert film. The two hour film features soundboard audio donated by Radiohead themselves, while the footage has been gathered from numerous sources.

The quality is impressive, with the team behind the video dedicating the project to Scott Johnson - the drum tech who was killed in a stage collapse earlier this year. Placed on YouTube, the film is free to watch but the team behind the video recommend that you make a donation Oxfam's Haiti Earthquake fund, the Red Cross' Hurricane Sandy relief effort, or Doctors Without Borders.

Watch it below.

Little by Little
The National Anthem
Subterranean Homesick Alien
Like Spinning Plates
All I Need
True Love Waits/Everything in Its Right Place
15 Step
Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Lotus Flower
The Daily Mail
Morning Mr. Magpie

Give Up the Ghost

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