A tender, emotional performance

Martha Wainwright has filmed an intimate performance of 'Proserpina' - the final song written by her late mother, Kate McGarrigle.

The Wainwrights are a musical family. Like any family, they've had their troubles - most of them thereafter turned into celebrated songs - but they do tend to stick together.

The loss of Kate McGarrigle has brought about numerous tributes, with the Wainwright matriarch being celebrated by several special events. Now a new video has emerged, featuring Martha Wainwright performing her mother's final song.

'Proserpina' re-counts an ancient tale about the creation of the seasons, and Martha Wainwright adds a palpable emotional edge to the song. “It’s the last song my mother wrote, and of course I also think that she wrote it for me, and for Rufus" she said recently.

“We wrote songs together, ever since we were children. As we sing her songs, I think her voice can be heard in ours, literally through our pipes.”

Shot by film maker Matthu Placek, you can watch the deeply personal clip below. (via NowNess)

Hankies at the ready...

Martha Wainwright: Proserpina on Nowness.com.


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