It's pretty special...

Lambchop have posted a wonderful, intimate live clip of Kurt Wagner performing 'Buttons'.

Lambchop are true artisans. Each record seems to emerge from years of hard graft and inspiration, with Kurt Wagner leading the collective through multiple shifts in artistic direction.

Recent album 'Mr M' was a case in point. Emerging from a period of seclusion, Kurt Wagner took inspiration from the visual arts, while some material was almost painfully autobiographical.

This afternoon, long time home Merge posted a rather beautiful video. Shot almost three years ago at the label's 20th birthday celebrations, it finds Kurt Wagner performing alone in a barbershop.

Brushing through 'Buttons' long after the party had quietened down, it's a genuinely gorgeous rendition.

Watch it below.

- - -

Lambchop have confirmed a full European tour. Alas, there are no British dates but if you fancy travelling to the continent then the entire list of dates can be found here.

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