Banned from TV...

Keane have unveiled the new video for 'Disconnected' - and promptly found themselves banned from TV.

The new single from Keane probably won't change your life. 'Disconnected' is pleasing enough, and parent album 'Strangeland' - due on May 7th - will no doubt find itself nestling in record collections across the land.

But we're not in love. What really has impressed Clash though, is the new video for 'Disconnected'. Given a première at the Electric Cinema in Notting Hill, the clip is fuelled by a love of classic 70s horror flicks.

Aspects of the cinematography recall the eeriness of Italian horror, while there's a certain naffness which can only recall Hammer or even Christopher Lee's over-the-top stint in 'The Wicker Man'.

Containing plenty of passion, murder and the odd guest appearance from Keane, 'Disconnected' is well worth a watch even if the band have never been your cup of tea.

- - -

Shot by acclaimed direction team Juan Antonio Bayona and Sergio G. Sanchez, the clip comes with the following quotes:

Bayona said:
"I feel close to what Keane do, their music is timeless, they do their own thing and I admire that."

Sanchez said:
"I have been a fan for years and they finally let us make a video for them! Everyone can relate to what they do because their music tells a coming of age story."

Tom Chaplin said:
"The video perfectly sums up the imagery that the song conjures up. It is the best video we have made."

Keane are set to release 'Strangeland' on May 7th.

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