Bizarre, hypnotic, addictive...

I.R.O.K. have pieced together a bizarre, hypnotic clip for their recent track 'God'.

Once, there was Dead Kids. An explosive London indie troupe, the band's live exploits instantly became the stuff of legend.

Tragically splitting after just one - free download - album, Dead Kids singer Mike Title took time away to regain his sense of focus. Now, though, he's back.

I.R.O.K. - The Intergalactic Republic of Kongo - is a new project that melts together African percussion, brutal electronics and a sense of psychedelia. Live shows have, predictably enough, been raucous affairs with a recent visit to KOKO resulting in a running battle with security.

Rapidly becoming a name to drop for those in the know, I.R.O.K. also have a stunning control of visuals. The ballistic electronics of 'God' are matched to spliced together with black and white footage, with the emphasis being placed on terror, the body and control.

Watch the video below.

- - -

Fancy catching I.R.O.K. in the flesh? Well, Clash Magazine have invited him along to our issue launch party.

Taking place in the always comfortable confines of London venue The Lexington, I.R.O.K. will be joined by Class Actress and Look Stranger! - who will be launching their latest EP.

Join the fun HERE.

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