Unreleased cut emerges

A clip of Girls performing unreleased track 'Back To London' has emerged online.

Christopher Owens seems to be a torrent of musical activity. Following Girls' second album with standalone single 'Lawrence' the band are continually pushing forward, continually writing new material.

Announcing plans for a one off London show, new footage has emerged online of Girls playing a track called - appropriately enough - 'Back To London'.

Filmed by Ryan McGinley as part of his Life Adjustment Center show, the director had the following to say: "A year ago today was the opening for my show Life Adjustment Center at Ratio 3 Gallery in San Francisco's Mission. Christopher played an acoustic set in the gallery, and everyone sat down on the floor to listen".

"He had told me about doing a special set for me, and then he played all of these songs that I had never heard at the time. It was the best surprise ever. A lot of them ended up on the new GIRLS album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost".

Watch 'Back To London' below.

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Girls are set to play the following show:

28 London HMV Forum

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