Put together by Dean Blunt

DVA has premièred a new Dean Blunt crafted video for his cut 'Where I Belong'.

Sometimes Scratcha, sometimes DVA... always intriguing. Scratcha DVA's career has taken him to Rinse FM - where he helmed the Grimey Breakfast show - and now Hyperdub, where he intends to focus on his own productions.

New album 'Pretty Ugly' is set to be released on March 19th, and contains a variety of guest collaborators. Leaving no stone unturned, DVA at one point travelled to South Africa in an attempt to recruit a potential collaborator.

Stripped from the upcoming album, 'Where I Belong' focusses on DVA's production. An instrumental, the cut is all bass flushes, shuddering Grime beats and hefty synths borrowed from 80s electro pop.

Hype Williams cohort Dean Blunt has crafted a video for the track. 'Where I Belong' has an epic feel so the artist spliced together scenes from an animated film about the crucifixion, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

As usual with Blunt it's difficult to know who's putting on who, but 'Where I Belong' is worth watching all the same...

DVA: Where I Belong (Hyperdub 2012) from Hyperdub on Vimeo.


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