Bizarre yet enticing

DJ Empty has posted the video for recent track 'Meaningless Three' - watch it now.

As well as being a groundbreaking producer in his own right, Matthew Herbert also has a rare eye for spotting new talent. Helming Accidental, the label remains a hub for penetrating, evocative music.

Take DJ Empty. Real name Hiroki Mamoru, the producer is a 27 year old architecture student from Japan, who managed to push a mixtape into the hands of Matthew Herbert.

Hooking up with Accidental, the label are set to release new album 'Meaningless' on August 3rd. As a preview, album cut 'Meaningless Three' has been given a hypnotic, almost psychedelic time-lapsed video.

Focussing on the growth of mushrooms, the trippy video unfolds as the music - partly Industrial, partly techno, partly noise - swirls around it. The two match each other effortlessly, before the whole sequence comes shuddering to a halt.

Watch it below.

Meaningless Three from DJ EMPTY on Vimeo.

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DJ Empty is set to release 'Meaningless' on August 3rd.

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