And indulges in a spot of fishing

Dean Ween has held a charity baseball game, with edited highlights now streaming online.

Let's put the Stone Roses to one side for a minute...

Sure, it's great that the mythical Mancs have decided to get back together but there are groups out there who have never quite received the respect they should. Ween are foremost amongst them, releasing material which straddles the gauntlet between classic rock, country, mainstream pop and avant electronics.

Frontman Dean Ween is an all round good egg and recently hosted a charity baseball game in his native New Hope. 'Dean Ween's October Classic' took place on October 2nd, with the whole game being filmed by John Kelsey.

The director then edited the film down into a bitesize chunk for fans who couldn't make it. Organised in aid of the American Cancer Society, you can watch the film below and then make a donation HERE.

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When not performing with Ween or hosting charity baseball games, Dean Ween leads fishing tours out on the Atlantic. Check out a recent posting below...

10/17 We sailed again this morning with Marty and Dan who are repeat customers and great people to have on the boat. For the 2nd day in a row we had Bluefish of the biggest variety, think 10-16 lbs. We actually weighed the largest fish just to confirm this and it was just over 16 lbs, which is a huge bluefish. There are schools of bunker tight to the beach--all the way out to 55 feet of water and beyond. We worked these bait schools to death the past 48 hours and have landed hundreds of Gorilla Bluefish. Word on the street is that there are large Stripers in the melee as well but we have caught nothing with Stripes on it although i am positive that they are there if you can get through the yellow eyed fish. I can't complain because the action has been non-stop and when you want serious rod bending/tackle busting action there is nothing that matches up to jumbo Blues. We have 3 more trips this week and I am always optimistic that we will catch Bass on the next drop, that is what I am telling myself at least.

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