Live in session...
Cuff The Duke

Canadian group Cuff The Duke have handed a live session to ClashMusic - watch it below.

What are they putting in the Canadian water supply? Whatever it is, can they ship some over to the United Kingdom please? Check out this year's Polaris Music Prize - all killer, no filler it contains the kind of musical experimentation our Mercury can only dream of.

Canadian label Paper Bag Records have been coughing up the goods of late, with Born Ruffians, Austra and more having links to the imprint. Newcomers Cuff The Duke are next in line, with their strident, Americana infused songwriting having a distinctly natural feel.

Debut album 'Union' arrives on these shores on October 29th, but as a preview we've managed to grab an exclusive live session. Performing 'Live My Life' in an urban sprawl, their organic songcraft is matched by a Brutalist, dank environment. It's an intriguing clip, one that will make you want to hear more.

Watch it below.

- - -

'Union' is set to be released on October 29th.


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