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Alberta Cross have handed the video to 'Songs of Patience' over to ClashMusic - watch it below.

Sometimes our paths cross in the most unusual ways. Alberta Cross are one Swede, one Londoner. Now based in Brooklyn, Petter Ericson Stakee (vocals/guitar) and Terry Wolfers (bass) seemingly meet in an East End boozer when Wolfers saved his compatriot from the hands of some angry locals.

Thereafter, a band was born. New album 'Songs of Patience' is exactly that; born from years of effort, it finds Alberta Cross matching up to the classic influences they hold so dear.

Out on September 3rd in Europe, ClashMusic previously gave away 'Crate Of Gold' and described it thus: "On the surface a bass driven monster, the kind of sludgy, amphetamine driven blues that the Spacemen 3 would have concocted if they'd been able to afford a semi-decent studio".

"Underneath, though, is a gentle protest against modern Capitalism. A salute to the Occupy movement, 'Crate of Gold' finds Alberta Cross struggling with a dual identity: ballsy rockers with a tender soul".

Now we can present another album preview. Featuring the band discussing the construction of 'Songs of Patience' you can watch it below.

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'Songs of Patience' is set to be released on September 3rd.

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