Terry Riley’s 'In C' re-worked...
Pantha Du Prince

Pantha Du Prince has always been obsessed with sound.

The German producer draws influences from wherever he can find them, fusing minimal techno with an almost shoegaze sensibility.

Last year, Pantha Du Prince embarked on an ambitious new project with the Bell Laboratory. A collective of expert percussionists, the Bell Laboratory added a new, avant classical, sensibility to the producer's work.

Ableton invited the collective to record in a state-of-the-art studio, working on a special rendition of Terry Riley's seminal minimalist work 'In C'.

Check out a full piece on the performance HERE.

Cameras were there to capture the one off performance for posterity, with the documentary going live a few moments ago.

In addition to this, Ableton have also posted the Bell Laboratory's guide to their instruments, and a short piece on the Pantha Du Prince live set.

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