Rumours emerge...
Death Grips

Death Grips appear to have carefully planned their apparent Lollapalooza no-show.

Death Grips have always told fans to expect the unexpected. Booked to appear at a Lollapalooza after show in Chicago recently, the band almost caused a riot with a provocative no-show.

When fans arrived at the venue, the stage was empty save for a suicide note (seemingly sent by an admirer of their music) screened on one wall. An empty drum kit was set up, while Death Grips' music played on the speakers.

Realising that the group weren't even in the city, fans rushed the stage, destroying the drum kit in the process. Another provocative gesture from Death Grips?

Seemingly, the entire set up was some kind of an art prank. Consequence of Sound report (via Potholes In My Blog) that the venue manager has revealed Death Grips wanted this to be their performance, that the pre-recorded music was "the show" and that the drum kit was, apparently, a miniature, child's set up.

Very strange. Thoughts? Leave them in the comments section.

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