Featuring Justin Vernon...
Volcano Choir

Volcano Choir - who boast Justin Vernon amongst their number - have confirmed plans for a new album.

Bon Iver is kaput. Well, sorta. See, Justin Vernon requires some down time once the album cycle has been completed, and - much like the band's debut album - he is now looking to pursue other projects.

So the American artist has decided to dial up a few friends. Volcano Choir began as a loose knit project back in 2009, before picking up speed over the next 12 months.

A full length album followed, before the group disintegrated as Vernon focussed his sights on Bon Iver. Now, though, they're back and a new album is scheduled for release this year.

Little has been revealed thus far, although the cast has been confirmed as Jon Mueller, Chris Rosenau, Matthew Skemp, Daniel Spack, Justin Vernon and Thomas Wincek.

Titled 'Repave' the album is set to be released on September 2nd. Tracklisting:


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