'Stellarscope' is overhauled...
Vinyl Williams

Vinyl Williams' new single 'Stellarscope' has received a radical overhaul from Europa51 - stream it below.

Los Angeles has always seemed to stand on the edge of something. Long ago, the Western frontier swept over the area, while the 20th century brought with it the perpetual, glistening promise of Hollywood.

Now seeming to fade somewhat, the city can still provoke, still inspire. Vinyl Williams (real name Lionel Williams) is still only 22 years old, but the Los Angeles based artist seems capable of seeing past genre boundaries.

A vivid fusion of hazy space rock and electronics, the producer's debut album 'Lemniscate' is a remarkable piece of work. Recently unveiling new single 'Stellarscope' label No Pain In Pop decided to commission a few remixes.

Which is where Europa51 come in. A loose knit collective containing several ex-members of Stereolab, they are the perfect foil to Williams' self-contained futurism.

An entrancing, forward thinking remix you can stream Europa51's take on 'Stellarscope' below.

Finally, instead of simply crafting a video Vinyl Williams recently unveiled an entire computer game based on 'Stellarscope' - check out a quick preview below.


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