Third album under way...

Vampire Weekend singer Ezra Koenig has revealed that the band have begun to record their third album.

Fusing African rhythms with chiming indie pop, Vampire Weekend have managed to push their way to the top of the charts. Second album 'Contra' was a vivid release, sparking a lengthy period of international touring.

Currently on down time, Vampire Weekend will complete a number of live shows this summer. Continuing to work on new material, the band seemingly returned to the studio recently to commence work on album #3.

"We're working on our album. It's been a long process. We always try to write and record at the same time," he told Spin. "So we've always got some ProTools session demo that tends to actually turn into the finished product. I think we have 80 per cent of the songs now."

In a previous interview with the NME, Ezra Koenig hinted that new material could even arrive this year. "I always want to release music as soon as possible, but more and more I'm realising it's something you almost have no control over."

Thankfully, Vampire Weekend have also sparked into life via a series of side projects. Chris Baio crafted a wonderful house infused EP named - appropriately - 'Baio' which was released earlier this year.

One of the highlights was 'Tanto' which boasted an appearance from Matias Aguayo. Stream it below.


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