New Yorkers top countdown

New York world-pop act Vampire Weekend have topped the Billboard charts with their new album 'Contra'.

Emerging from the blogosphere, Vampire Weekend's debut became a cult success. Blending African rhythms with indie songcraft, it sounded like Paul Simon's 'Gracelands' hard wired for the 21st century.

Joyous, creative music Vampire Weekend followed the album with extensive touring. The New York group's material seemed to seep into our collective consciousness, becoming festival favourites.

Returning earlier this month with their new album 'Contra' the band stormed the British Top Ten. Just missing out on the number one slot Vampire Weekend seem to have had better luck in their homeland.

After a series of high profile television performances 'Contra' has flown into the Billboard charts at number one. Celebrating, Vampire Weekend have been joined by their British label XL Recordings.

The new success marks the first time a UK indie label has planted an album at number on the American charts in 19 years. Founded as a dance label in 1989 XL Recordings has grown to become one of the most respected imprints around.

XL boss Richard Russell declared: “We’ve always seen Vampire Weekend as a band with limitless potential. They’ve now reached Number One in the world's biggest market with an original, inventive, self-produced album".

They have toured tirelessly and built a loyal fanbase. As a completely independent label we are proud to have given such an independently spirited band a platform to achieve this great success without compromise."

Vampire Weekend are set to open a UK tour next month.

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