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Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend dropped by a special Hallowe'en edition of Jimmy Kimmel and left behind a treat - an exclusive performance of new track 'Unbelievers'.

With a name like Vampire Weekend, you might expect the New York four piece to get into the Hallowe'en spirit. As a turns out, the band are big fans of October 31st and dropped by a special Jimmy Kimmel show themed around Hallowe'en.

Getting into the spirit, Vampire Weekend changed into fancy dress before playing first album highlight 'Oxford Comma'. The band then surprised fans by performing a new track, taken from their as-yet-incomplete third album.

'Unbelievers' is all jaunty Afro-pop rhythms, teasing guitar lines and yelping vocals. Exactly the way we like our Vampire Weekend, then...

Watch it below.


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