Keyboard player comes out

Vampire Weekend keyboard player Rostam Batmanglij has come out, and admitted that he has written a gay anthem.

Vampire Weekend's return has seen the band scale the charts with their new album 'Contra'. However the band's popularity has sparked a backlash with the New Yorkers' Ivy League background at the centre of the controversy.

Now keyboard player Rostam Batmanglij has spoken about the band's roots and how his own sexuality has come to the fore. The keyboard player helped to form the band in 2006, with Vampire Weekend rocketing to fame soon after.

Formed by students at Columbia University, the band took on board influences from world music. However in a new interview Rostam Batmanglij claims that 'Contra' has more of an 80s feel.

“You hear ’80s harmonies on 'Contra', and for me that was the challenge: to make it not just sound like the ’80s but feel like the ’80s too" he claimed. "Because of the way it’s presented, with the sampler and choir, the song ‘I Think Ur a Contra’ sounds new but also nostalgic.”

Speaking to Out Magazine, the keyboard player officially came out of the closet and revealed that he had a potential gay anthem up his sleeve. Released with his side project Discovery last year, 'I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend' is a direct account of the love which dare not speak its name.

“With that song I was having fun, but at the same time it was honest - those lyrics are meaningful to me, they come from my heart,” he says. “I was disappointed when it didn’t become a gay anthem, but, you know, it’s not too late.”

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