'The Ancient Tonalities Of...'

Finnish producer Ukkonen has unveiled plans for his second album 'The Ancient Tonalities Of...'

Ukkonen proclaims no interest whatsoever in dance music. Bluff or double bluff? The Finnish producer deals in sound, in carving out shapes from blunt pieces of electronics.

Debut album 'The Isolated Rhythms Of...' was a deeply idiosyncratic display of real, pure imagination, with Ukkonen's music seeming to explode out in several different directions at once.

For his second album, Ukkonen has opted to explore two themes: adherence to tradition, and the formulation of something new. 'The Ancient Tonalities Of...' will be released on November 25th, with No Pain In Pop stepping in to support the Scandinavian talent.

Speaking about the record, Ukkonen said: "I intend to innovate - I want this music to push some ideas forward into the world. not to impress or try to be better or more clever than anyone else. It's done out of a sense of joy in doing so... joy in the creative process, and excitement at sharing the results."

Check out sample track 'Viva Las Huelgas' below.

'The Ancient Tonalities Of...' is set to be released on November 25th. Tracklisting:

1 A New Technique
2 Eighteen Pitches
3 Viva Las Huelgas
4 My Euouae
5 Color Cas
6 Iraupen Kuus
7 Kayamanu Divided
8 Planctus Voiceless
9 Nine Vjetar
10 Three Durations

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