Producer recovering from accident

Famed producer Daniel Lanois has spoken about the motorcycle accident which could have killed him.

Daniel Lanois is one of the most respected producers on the planet. Forming part of U2's production team, the musician has also played a vital role in the renaissance of Bob Dylan, amongst other roles.

The producer is also an acclaimed solo artist, releasing several albums under his own name. However earlier this year fans were left shocked when Daniel Lanois were involved in a serious motorcycle accident.

Driving in Los Angeles, Lanois were thrown from his bike and suffered extensive injuries. Spending time in hospital, the producer now seems to be on the mend.

Speaking to Rolling Stone magazine, Daniel Lanois recalled the day of the accident. "I was on my bike with a friend of mine on the back and a guy coming the other way decided to turn in front of me into a variety store," he said.

"I veered to miss him, but I hit an industrial box on the sidewalk going 35 miles per hour. I blacked out and when I came to I was laying on my back in the parking lot and people were telling me, 'Don't move.' Then they hauled me away to a hospital and I had to lay there like a vegetable for three weeks."

Daniel Lanois has undergone extensive treatments and therapy, with the producer still in a wheelchair. The accident has left him unable to make music, forcing Lanois to postpone a series of tour dates.

The musician performs with the group Black Dub, who were supposed to kick off a British tour on Tuesday (July 27th).

Meanwhile, U2 continue their massive world tour. A series of Italian dates later this year have forced Juventus to re-arrange a Europa League tie - at least the players will have something to do on their night off.

Lanois is expected to make a full recovery.

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