After embezzling money from Adam Clayton

The former personal assistant of U2's Adam Clayton has been jailed for embezzling money from the musician.

U2 are less of a band and more of an organisation. As a touring entity, the Irish outfit employ countless helpers whose job it is to make their ambitious, often extravagant stage shows come to life.

Sadly, it seems that someone close to the band is guilty of siphoning money away from U2. Carol Hawkins worked as the personal assistant to Adam Clayton for years, but was caught embezzling money from his accounts.

Seemingly doing so to fund her lavish lifestyle, Carol Hawkins was found guilty last week of 181 counts of theft from the bassist's bank accounts over a four-year period.

Now a judge has handed Hawkins a seven year jail sentence. Judge Patrick McCartan said: "Nothing, frankly, could explain away the scale of this dishonesty other than the greed in pursuit of a lavish lifestyle that was no responsibility of Mr Clayton's."

Continuing, the judge pointed to Carol Hawkins' continued statements of innocence as a factor in his sentencing. Finishing, Judge Hawkins said that the one time personal assistant's actions were "rooted in greed and nothing else".

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