Screenplay could be released

Iconic rapper Tupac Shakur could be set to enter the film world, with a screenplay written by the late star rumoured to be in production.

Tupac Shakur became one of America's biggest stars in his short life. A sensational rapper, he embodied the tough West Coast scene which spawned him.

Getting caught up in the spiralling feud between the East and West Coast scenes helped his career, but ultimately led to his death. Shakur was shot dead in 1996.

The screenplay is titled 'Time 2 Kill' and was written by the rapper when in prison for charges of sexual assault. According to film database site IMDB the screenplay centres on a man who becomes a drug lord, but slowly finds his way towards redemption.

This isn't the first attempt at shooting the movie - in 2005 the rapper's mother began efforts to have the screenplay filmed.

Since the success of the 'Notorious' movie Hollywood has been flooded with pitches for hip hop flicks. The members of NWA want to create a biopic of their early years, while a Run DMC movie has also been mooted.

ClashMusic's suggestion is based on the 'Alien Vs Predator' movie. Named 'Tupac Vs Biggie' it probably won't be coming to a cinema near you soon.

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