Got It

An almost absurdly English concoction, banoffee - literally banana and toffee, for our foreign readers - is just about the sweetest thing imaginable.

A collision of tastes, it perhaps shouldn't work - and yet, somehow, it does. It's somewhat appropriate then, that Australian pop newcomer Martha Brown has chosen this as her new alter ego.

Banoffee makes sweet pop music with a futurist steak, continually teasing the production into new realms. Stripped back and raw, each track seems to focus on her voice, turning each note, each intonation into something with an orchestral glamour.

Matching cute, coy moments to unerring directness - try out sample lyric "I'm a fucking ninja now, I won't let you bring me down" - the Australian artist is a cool, edgy pop phenomenon in waiting.

New cut 'Got It' is drawn from her forthcoming debut EP and opens with twinkly synths, before making way for something a little more grandiose. Banoffee's vocal is paired with a distorted, mirror-self before making way for the contagious clarify of the chorus.

Check it out now.


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