All These Things Are Gone
The Young Punx

Perennially fixated on the future, dance music has recently discovered its own past.

Whether it's the disco-house movement or the UK garage revival, it seems that most modern producers are either pilfering from past movements or mourning their passing.

The Young Punx though, manage to do both. A duo - Hal Ritson and Nathan Taylor - the pair have an extensive history with dance music which spans almost every genre worth mentioning.

Yet they aren't ones to become bogged down with their track record. The Young Punx is a forward-facing project, allowing the two to apply a renewed sense of imagination to their myriad influences.

New album 'All These Things Are Gone' emerges on February 24th, with the title cut already creating waves. A lengthy - 13 minute long! - workout, The Young Punx begin by playfully toying with fluid house rhythms before pushing the track into experimental realms.

The breakdown is sheer Balearic heaven, managing to perfectly capture that 6am feeling on the White Island. Sure, there are nods to the 90s house lineage but the pair add a fresh polish to those sounds, with their irreverence shining through with each percussive snap and sundown note.

Listen to it below.

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